Business to Arts — Arts Fundraising Tool Kit

2021 Selection

Designed by Declan Behan at New Graphic

Printer: Impress

Categories: Printed Publication / Print

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Cover / Print / Arts

Business to Arts brokers, enables and supports creative partnerships between businesses, individuals and the arts. This includes training work with artists and arts organisations, to create strategic plans that will diversify income streams, grow audiences and develop their organisations. To aid training we designed the Arts Fundraising Tool Kit. Participants in workshops and classes use the toolkit as a workbook. It contains various exercises and tasks related to fundraising.

Divided into eight different booklets. Each cover has a different colour stock, making a spectrum when combined. The books are numbered 1 to 8, their numbers used as the cover design. We overlaid different weights of the Muir McNeil typeface ThreeSix, to create an excellent typographic solution.