Byrne Joinery

Brand repositioning and marketing support, brochure, website, livery, workwear.

What we have achieved:

As a 3rd generation family business, Byrne Bespoke Joinery had a fine tradition for craftsmanship and delivering on their word. Having originally specialised in the fit-out of Irish pubs internationally, the company had recently repositioned towards the hotel fit-out sector, with clients in Ireland and London. To reflect this pivot, the brand needed to be reinvigorated and made more premium.

The Byrne family ethos ‘Generations of Excellence’ needed to be reflected in the logo by using the tree as the basis for the concept. The three rings of the tree represent the 3 generations of family working in the business while the oak leaf is a symbol of heritage and continued growth. The fonts are modern to offset the heritage aspect and keep the brand contemporary. Overall, the rebrand resulted in a design that showcased their craft but also the deep rooted bond between the family members.