Cairde Sligo Arts Festival


Designed by Trevor Finnegan and Shane Bonfield at Revert Design

Photography: Johnny Mallin

Photography: Cían Flynn

Categories: Promotional / Printed Publication / Environmental / Identity / Social Media

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Music / Poster / Photography / Typography / Art direction / Festival / Theatre / Event


The Cairde Sligo Arts Festival is one of the largest annual arts festivals in Ireland, drawing inspiration from the creative energy of Sligo town and the surrounding locality. It brings together a wide and varied collection of acts and performances from across Ireland and the wider world, showcasing everything from creative circus acts to thought-provoking theatre pieces, and everything in-between.

For the 2023 festival the design homed in on the almost circus-like/road-show quality of the festival, descending on the town for a week of whimsy and wonder, with punchy graphics, vibrant colours and bold type exclaiming its arrival. 

Behind all the vibrant graphics lay a simple but flexible design system, whereby the festival organisers could effectively put together promotional materials using simple graphic building blocks.

A bountiful array of locally produced and printed promotional items were created including a brochure, tote bags, t-shirts, posters along with a revamped website.