2021 Selection

Designed by Bobby Tannam and Jamie Murphy at The Salvage Press

Wood Type Production: Scott Cameron

Categories: Typeface

Industry: Self-initiated

Tags: Poster / Typography / Typeface / Climate Change / Letterpress

CARBON MONO is a typeface intended for a forthcoming book focused on the power of carbon; ‘the basis for all life on earth, and the harbinger of our demise’. It is inspired by the aesthetic qualities of hand-typed scientific reports and woodtype printed protest posters. It takes its starting point from early 20th century grotesque woodletters such as those from Delittle of York and Day & Collins. CARBON MONO is a utilitarian mono-spaced face full of character; open ink traps, weighty stresses, stacked ligatures and an extensive punctuation set. The 72pt (one inch tall) type has been cut into end grain beech and as a result has completed its journey and is now ready to be printed as intended, from the wood onto handmade paper. Its first outing was a thank you letter to its designer, Bobby Tannam.