Carnegie Hall

2021 Selection

Designed by Michael McCaughley

Partners: Jennifer Kinon, Bobby C. Martin Jr.

Designer: Taylor Hale

Motion Design: Zipeng Zhu

Lettering: Frere-Jones Type: Fred Shallcrass

Lettering: XYZ Type: Jesse Ragan

In-House Team: Carnegie Hall Marketing and Creative Services

Strategist: Carina Sandoval

Categories: Identity

Industry: Cultural


Carnegie Hall is synonymous with music. The Hall’s legacy of excellence in programming and world-renowned acoustics make it the most admired performance venue in the world, giving great significance to an artist’s Carnegie Hall debut. 

The Hall’s long history brings with it a culture of storytelling and a museum-worthy visual archive. The new identity celebrates the past and readies for the future by assembling a graphic toolkit created to stand the test of time. 

Type and layout support the diversity of programming put forth by the Hall while delivering a little musicality. A simple grid, flat colour, high-contrast text, and hyper-focus on performer imagery are the components. A flexible wordmark allows for dramatic contrast in scale.

Design of the wordmark was informed by the stained glass lettering on large poster cases around the building’s perimeter, which were added to the facade in 1919. The design of the monogram was inspired by the Carnegie name found imprinted on 132 year old recovered steel beams that had been used in the Hall's construction in 1890. The new monogram brings forward Andrew Carnegie’s visionary spirit and the enduring magic of the Hall.