Central Park Wayfinding


Designed by Gabriel Gaba at Cream

Managing Director: Cian Pas

Creative Director: Eoin Tierney

Categories: Identity

Industry: Commercial

Central Park is an award-winning commercial and residential development distinguished by world-class architecture, a commitment to sustainability and a unique community programme: Live Work Grow. Central Park has become a major residential and employment hub that continues to grow. With a total working and living population of 8,000, a substantial investment was made to create surroundings that encourage interaction amongst residents and employees in the park. The aim of our branding work is to help transform the Park’s professional work environment into a warm and welcoming community. This has been achieved through consistent branding, sculptures, landscaping, seating, signage and culminating in events in the open spaces.

Easily interpreted and visually attractive signage has added to the sense of place. The design intention for the entrance and approach signage is to signify, in a clear and ambitious way, that the patron is entering Central Park. The materials were selected not only for their quality and durability, but to complement the materials already existing in the Central Park palette. A selection of contrasting bronze finishes were used alongside granite and backlit glass.