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Designed by Nicole McMahon

Art Director: Udi Ovadia

Categories: Print / Social Media

Industry: Charitable

Tags: Illustration / Campaign / Advertising

INAR – Irish Network Against Racism – is a national network of anti-racism civil society organisations which work collectively to highlight and address the issue of racism in Ireland. INAR have developed an app – – that allows users to report on racist behaviour easily, anonymously and, most importantly, immediately.

Collecting data on racist incidents, analysing it and reporting on hate crime can provide communities and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) with a powerful tool with which to present their concerns to government, law enforcement, media and others.

Racism is a universal, widespread problem. Using photography for this campaign would have highlighted one example, one specific occurrence of a racist incident. Using illustration allowed us to present a more symbolic, more powerful image which connected with every person who had seen or witnessed the incidents we are trying to highlight.

We created a fun and colourful 3D world with a specific character style to ensure consistency across each of our situation visuals. Our illustration style provided us with unique, localised, memorable and impactful visual imagery. The bright colours and traditionally playful illustration style contrasts starkly with the difficult subject matter, helping people to remember our message.