Change Makers


Designed by Philip Mitton at CI Studio

Categories: Print / Identity

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Digital / Festival / Event / Print / Culture / Arts

A two day conference in partnership with MA Festive Arts, World Academy at the University of Limerick and The Arts Council which aims to bring people together to share, experience and learn from each other the power of festivals and how important they are to their communities.

The central concept is based around the transformative power of festivals with the visual language coming from different shapes coming together and forming from one solid piece, each one changing and morphing to suit each particular topic being discussed. It is designed  to evoke disruption and energy which festivals are by their very nature. This conference is a green event so everything produced is recyclable and sustainable, from the inks and materials to the lanyards and tote bags.

Works consisted of digital conference screens delivering the key speakers and programme, posters and other ephemera such as digital ads and merchandise to further promote the event.