Cherrywood Village


Designed by Eva Shortt, Garrett Murphy and Joaquin Gomez Galvez at Originate Creative

Strategic Direction: Dave Tallon

Strategic Direction: Kevin Higgins

Copywriter: Olive Cogan

Categories: Promotional / Identity

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Logo / Brand Identity


We teamed up with Quintain Ireland to help define and create the strategy and identity for Ireland’s best connected new village - Cherrywood Village. We began the process by exploring the immense history of the location as well as the architectural vision which was set out. We worked closely with the Quintain Ireland team to define the vision and mission for the place. 

Our creative concept built upon the idea of connection. This place acted as a vehicle for connection in so many way, it connected its inhabitants to the past, to nature, to surrounding areas and further afield, as well as allowing them to connect to their own home and balance in their lifestyle. It is when these connection can form, that life can flourish.

The logo itself is connected in many ways, most prominently the interconnecting “o” letterforms. This concept is echoed throughout the brand language under the premise that interesting things happen when things connect - contrasting colours, overlapping image treatment and intersecting typography. We developed a range of outputs, including brand strategy, messaging, identity, visual language and guidelines.