Chester Beatty Identity

The Chester Beatty Library in Dublin is a National Cultural Institution containing manuscripts, rare books, and other treasures. This material once formed the private library of Sir Alfred Chester Beatty. It is now held in trust for the Irish people by the state. When the Chester Beatty team suggested losing Library and becoming the Chester Beatty, we said that's a great idea it's not a library, it's much more.

The collection is vast (only 2% can be shown physically at any one time) Ethiopian, South East Asian, Middle Eastern, Japanese and European orthodox traditions all feature. These traditions though diverse share a history, they were handed down from master to apprentice. It was this tradition that informed the new logo, it's a symbol that we found across the collection, in feudal Japanese, Islamic mosaic and Coptic design. We picked Theinhardt as the font as it's clean and forward looking, as is the Chester Beatty. They are putting their entire collection online as they value virtual visitors on a par with physical ones.

Metallic copper and copper green were chosen as a nod to Sir Alfred Chester Beatty who made a large part of his fortune through mining copper.