Children’s Health Ireland Wall Graphics at Tallaght


Designed by Seán Harte, Eva Sunderland and Fiach O'Neill at M-CO

Categories: Print / Other

Industry: Civic

Tags: Illustration / Art

Following the successful design of wall graphics by the M-CO team at Children's Health Ireland (CHI) at Connolly in 2019, the project was expanded to add interest to the environment of CHI at Tallaght Children’s Outpatient and Emergency Care Unit in 2021. An engaging series of large format graphics and imagery were developed and designed by the M-CO design team as part of this project. The imagery ties in with the CHI Unified Image, a concept that will be applied across CHI.

Taking a hand drawn approach, a large collection of indigenous Irish animals and their environments were created to form a cohesive landscape throughout the building. Following on from the CHI at Connolly project, new animals and scenery were developed by the M-CO team to fit with the new space CHI at Tallaght offered. This gave the building its own identity while still maintaining consistency with the sister site. It is important for the children and young people to feel comfortable and safe in the healthcare environment and the wall graphics allow children and young people to interact with the animals in a very tactile way. Using scale and geometric shapes, the scenes help distract children and young people and offer an inviting diversion from times of stress or boredom. Ultimately, the design team wanted to create a sense of adventure and to allow children and young people the chance to journey throughout the natural and colourful landscapes portrayed.