Childrens Mental Health Coalition

Someone to Care: The Mental Health Needs of Children and Young People with Experiences of the Care and Youth Justice Systems, is a 208 page report into the experiences of young people that have found themselves within state care and youth justice systems in Ireland. This extensive 208 page report examines the impact current state systems have had on the lives of young people who have found themselves within these systems.

The report employs the use of the CMHC logo (which is a green isosceles triangle) as the primary element in its graphic design. Using the triangle as a single base unit and the children’s game of tangram as a structural influence. The report contains a series of colorful graphic compositions that divide each of its sections and internal chapters. These compositions are intended to communicate the commissioners primary brief “a report about children but not for children”. The typographic approach to the report had to be sympathetic to the way in which the report was written. Given that the report is a comprehensive piece of academic research its typographical layout had to be highly considerate of the way in which such information is traditionally imparted.