Chimac Website


Designed by Shane Bonfield and Trevor Finnegan at Revert Design

Photography: Max Rooney

Categories: Website

Industry: Corporate

Tags: Food and drink / Retail / Restaurant


Soul food via Seoul. 

Chimac is a Korean inspired fried-chicken restaurant operating across two locations in Dublin, where the name derives from “chi”, short for “chikin” plus “Mac” from “maekju”, Korean for beer. The heavenly combination of crispy fried chicken and beer is somewhat of a Korean obsession and Chimac sent out to bring this taste of Seoul to the heart of Dublin.

Besides being one of the best (if not the best) fried chicken spots in Dublin, Chimac also produces its own legendary selection of sauces, which they launched not too after opening.

In early 2022 they came to us looking to freshen up and redefine their website, which was more geared towards the physical restaurants, rather than the online e-commerce side. Thus the website we designed and developed had to strike a balance between being both a restaurant website, with menus and locations etc, while also being a fully fledged shop and recipe blog.

Through a fun and vibrant tone the website captures the essence of the brand, in its approachability and pursuit of the finest fried chicken experience, while promoting and broadening the brand’s potential and appeal.