Chipmongers - Store Branding


Designed by Kathryn Wilson and Sinéad McAleer at Slater Design

Signage: Cuspal

Categories: Environmental

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Food and drink

As part of our 'Chipmongers' project a key piece of the early roll out was the store branding. As with the identity project this was tricky as the local chipper has a charm and they're much loved in their local communities. In creating the new identity and store branding we didn't want to lose this appeal. It was important that we retained a sense of the history of each store and the families that own them.

With this in mind we put in place a number of pieces within each store where the family name and story could have a presence. From a designated a space on the fascia where the name of the proprietor would always sit to frames for old photos and community news boards each store has a sense of place.

The tone of voice we had developed as part of the brand project was rolled out in the store through external signage, window and mirror vinyls and wall graphics. We also designed menus, screens and printed materials which can be easily updated to keep messaging fresh.