Christian Loffler & Ensemble Poster


Designed by George Beattie at

Photography: Neil Hoare

Categories: Print

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Poster / Typography / Music

Christian Loffler is a musician located in the Darss Peninsula overlooking the southern coast of the Baltic sea. Loffler lives in a log cabin surrounded with birch and willow trees. Looking out onto an amazing view of the sea is where Loffler makes his music. The genre is sample based electronic soundscapes made from organic field-recordings and self recorded instruments.

The Christian Loffler & Ensemble live show hosted in the sugar club dublin was promoted by Homebat. Homebeat is an Independent, alternative space focused music promotion based in Dublin.

The Poster takes is visual cues from Loffler’s geographical surroundings by the sea and also uses this photography of the waves to obscure the figure and create a melancholic presence.