Cinematrix: Poster Series

2020 Selection

Designed by Jack Collins (Freelance)

Categories: Print

Industry: Self-initiated

Tags: Contemporary art / Poster / Film / Visual art / Art / Print / Motion / Design / Data Visualisation / Cinema / Movies

A poster series exploring classic cinema through generative pattern pieces. Submitted to and exhibited at G’Wan Ireland – a poster exhibition by Hen’s Teeth, Dublin celebrating contemporary Irish designers and artists.

Each of the poster pieces uses a classic film as their input – incorporating data like film length, average colour value per minute and number of characters visible onscreen to generate a unique grid based visual pattern. Each poster functions as a stand alone design and a visual charting of cinematic narrative and story-telling.

Posters: Crisp Apple Strudels (The Sound of Music), Three Feet of Water (Jaws), Bad Dates (Raiders of the Lost Ark), Love and Glory (Casablanca), Fairest One (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs), McKittrick (Vertigo).