Citizen Artist 2016—2018


Designed by Oran Day at Atelier David Smith

Editors: Siobhán Geoghegan and Logan Sisley

Print and Prepress: Print Media Services, Dublin

Categories: Printed Publication

Industry: Cultural

In 2016 Common Ground and Studio 468 created CITIZEN ARTIST as a response to Ireland’s decade of commemorations that began 100 years after the declaration of the Irish Republic. CITIZEN ARTIST sought ideas and proposals that challenged, explored and responded to the complex relationships between arts and culture, politics, economics and citizenship.

CITIZEN ARTIST 2016—2018 included an exhibition in Kilmainham Courthouse and the publication of an 80 page book.

The CITIZEN ARTIST 2016—2018 publication (174 x 249mm) juxtaposes scholarly essays with profiles of the CITIZEN ARTIST residencies.

In order to maximise the modest production budgets, the 16 pages of full-colour artists’ reproductions are wrapped around 4 page sections that are printed 1 colour only (Black). The remaining pages are also printed Black only. This gives the impression of full-colour printing being more extensive throughout the publication.

A variety of typographic styles are used throughout to distinguish the differing types of textual content – essays, artists’ statements, transcribed correspondence, etc.

The 4 page ‘greyboard’ cover is printed with a Opaque White ink and a folded-down wrap is fitted around the finished publications. The wrap was printed using a ‘split fount’ setup – Black and a modulating blend of two Pantone inks. The orientation of the sheets (used to produce the wrap) were rotated during printing, allowing us to alternate the blend from front cover to back cover (from Pink to Khaki and vice versa).