Clúid Website (2014)

2014 Selection

Designed by Catherine Robertson at Red Dog

Illustrator: David Lemm

Photographer: Paul McCarthy

Categories: Website

Industry: Civic

Tags: Social


Clúid Housing is Ireland’s largest provider of affordable housing for people who cannot afford to buy their own home or pay for private rented housing. Clúid needed a website that would appeal to two distinct audiences - developers, authorities and other charities, while also acting as a portal for Clúid’s existing clients to pay their rent and report issues with their property.

We met the brief of appealing to these different user types by essentially designing two unique websites within one. Before we began to design the website, we conducted interviews with Clúid’s key stakeholders, to get their perspectives and insights, leading us to a full understanding of what the site’s positioning and functionality should be. This helped to inform and shape our approach in an engaging way through the integration of suitable messaging, commissioned photography and illustration.