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Inequality is the defining issue of our time. It constrains the lives and chances of millions of European citizens and makes it harder to address existential threats.

The Traction research project —which ran for three years between January 2020 and December 2022— aimed to contribute to opera’s renewal as a territory of cultural and social inclusion, with the support of innovative technology.

Artists, technologists and researchers worked with communities to co-create three innovative operas. This website tells their story, what they did, what they learnt and what it could mean for the future of opera, with resources and toolkits for opera producers to explore co-creation.

Vast amounts of content was created during the 3 year project, which had to be distilled though content design and storytelling, and presented in an understandable way. The websites presents the highs, lows, and future potential of co-creation in both a factual and emotive way.

Sustainability and accessibility were an important part of the brief. The design solution for the website was based on universal design principles, ensuring the resulting website is barrier free and accessible to everyone. It was designed and built to comply with the EU Web Accessibility Directive, following WCAG 2.1 Level AA guidelines. 

Layouts maximised the impact of imagery whilst keeping the images small to reduce the carbon footprint of the website. An off-white and dark grey background colour was chosen to reduced the power required to display the site on OLED displays.