Cold Hands, Warm Hearts

2017 Selection

Designed by Karl Toomey

Designer: Patrick Stevenson-Keating

Designer: Giulia Garbin

Designer: Lisa Hofler

Categories: Environmental

Industry: Cultural

'Cold Hands, Warm Hearts' was a collaboration with my friends Studio PSK. The project was created for a London Design Festival exhibition that explored 'water' as a theme. Mixing design disciples we set out to tell the story of a fictional people called The Yboviethii, a nomadic community who despite living in extremely harsh, arctic-like conditions, prioritised their mental well-being over almost everything else.

Taking the igloo as our starting point—the perfect marriage of design and water to us—we set out to create a series of playful structures with very warm intentions. Against a backdrop of climate change, advances in technology and the on-going mental health crisis, we were interested in ways our igloos could enhance life for inhabitants.

We presented our structures as 3D printed models, each of which facilitated wholesome needs such as resolving conflict, being heard, co-existing and more. To help narrate our piece we created a large scale community flag and number of riso printed booklets that folded out to A3 posters. Each booklet featured illustrations, details and symbols explaining the wider world of The Yboviethii culture.