Concern Worldwide Annual Report 2014 (2015)

Designed by Kim Robinson at Red Dog

Categories: Print

Industry: Charitable

Concern Worldwide are committed to improving the lives of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people. The key for their annual report is to ensure that it delivers more than a simple explanation of the organisation’s activities and accounts for the previous year. Instead, the Report must speak to stakeholders, donors and policymakers in a fresh, unique and appropriate way – without being ostentatious. It must show the work of Concern in a clear and transparent way that clearly shows the impact of where the money raised is being spent.

This year’s theme was to highlight the real impact Concern have had in their programme countries.

We specifically chose a completed coral reef project from the Philippines as it really is an unexpected image – Concern is usually connected with imagery of dry brown fields, small African villages etc. The report is then presented in a stark clear, mostly image-free format, to show the clarity and direction that Concern brings to all its work. It is vital that we ensure donors and stakeholders can read the book with ease. We have of course broken it up with hero images, some of which we believe would sit as comfortably in a high-end fashion magazine. Curating the imagery for the Concern annual report is the biggest task for us annually – we basically have to trawl through hundreds of images from many countries.