Concern Worldwide Annual Report 2020


Designed by Alessandra Ravida and Stuart Bradfield at Red Dog

Categories: Printed Publication / Print

Industry: Charitable

Tags: Annual report

Concern didn’t just focus on COVID-19 over 2020 — they continued work on their overseas programmes, other emergencies, education work within Ireland on the SDG goals, the GHI 2020 report and their ongoing campaigns — so the design of this annual report had to get the balance right. A condensed colour palette was chosen, giving each programme the same level of focus and emphasis.

The condensed colour palette also helped create a sense of positivity around Concern’s work — a testament to this organisation that in a year like no other — their work continued to have a profoundly positive impact.

We strived to reflect Concern Worldwide’s work with an editorial approach to the layout. Concern’s powerful photography leads the story-telling, with detailed captions revealing people’s background stories, while respecting their dignity.

Data is presented in bite-size chunks, making it easy to comprehend the impact of their work.

Large headings punctuate the document indicating the organisation’s determined and direct approach — highlighting their strategy, solutions and outcomes.