Concern Worldwide Brand Refresh


Designed by Mary Doherty and Susan Carberry at Red Dog

Strategy / Copywriter: Mary Jennings

Categories: Identity

Industry: Charitable

Concern Worldwide is committed to improving the lives of the world's poorest and most vulnerable people. Over the last 20 years, we have developed a great working relationship with Concern based on collaboration, open-mindedness and trust.

One of our most recent collaborations was on Concern's global brand refresh, which Concern undertook to better reflect its new and more relevant brand positioning and in turn help bring visual clarity to the brand.

Before the brand update, each of Concern's regional operations used different taglines. Although they operated under the same ethos striving for a world free from poverty, fear and oppression – there was no real visual language to create a consistent narrative across different regions. In short, people in the field didn't realise they belonged to the same organisation.

The main objective was to bring consistency to how Concern talks about itself globally, create an evident difference between them and other NGOs in their sector and achieve cut-through to potential donors.

What helped inform the design direction was the resounding message that staff are proud to work for Concern and that they believe in what they do – so, for that reason, we felt that the visual language should develop from the Concern brand name. We wanted Concern's brand development to build on their existing assets and ultimately communicate their fierce compassion consistently to audiences across all platforms.