Cooper's Craft & Cocktails


Designed by Trevor Finnegan and Shane Bonfield

Intern: Orla King

Categories: Website / Environmental / Print / Identity / Signage / Experience

Industry: Corporate


Revert was approached to rebrand Cooper's, the well known neighbourhood bars located in New York districts of East Village and Chelsea. We took inspiration from Peter Cooper who was also from the area and whom the bar was originally named after. Peter Cooper was an American industrialist, inventor, philanthropist, and politician. He designed and built the first American steam locomotive. But most of all Peter Cooper, was a brewer in Peekskill, New York. And although the family brewery likely folded in the 1820s, the seeds had been planted and revived to live another day. 

Using a blend of bold type for the logo which took it's inspiration from the hexagonal shaped glasses that Peter Cooper wore, to the more modern cartoon like beer and cocktail mascots we created added a fun contemporary feel to the identity. 

We designed collateral and managed production for Cooper's with a local merchandising company - everything from branded food packaging and liners, coasters, matchboxes, menus, pens, postcards and stickers to a variety of hats and t-shirts. We also worked with New York based Irish signwriter Simon Robinson to paint gilded window and fascia signage.