New from the Monotype Studio, Cotford is a contemporary serif typeface from Creative Type Director, Tom Foley.

Cotford is a versatile family of elegant display and robust text styles. This range makes Cotford suitable for a variety of print and digital applications. Display weights are great for branding, editorial titles, and logotypes – while Cotford's text weights are efficient and robust, great for text setting, user interfaces, websites and app design. Combined, Cotford's display and text styles can handle a wide range of complex typographic systems and layout needs. 

The design process of Cotford was heavily influenced by the need for this new family to work seamlessly as a variable font. This required a lot of design exploration to determine what design features would easily adapt from hairline to black weights, across micro, text and display optical sizes. Cotford’s design roots are equally informed by this process of designing for variable functionality as by the desire to create a unique and usable font family. 

Cotford is comprised of three text roman weights, and five display roman weights, each with an italic counterpart. It is also available as a Variable font with weight axis from Thin to Black and optical size axis from Micro to Display. 

A pop serif for the digital age, Cotford takes you places.