Creative Arts Masters Platform

The Creative Arts Masters Platform is a suite of five MA programmes (Interior Design, Visual Communication, 3D Design, Fine Art, and Visual & Critical Studies) run by the School of Creative Arts in TU Dublin. An exhibition and accompanying programme was required to showcase the work of its first crop of graduates.

We designed a dual-purpose catalogue, which profiled each of the students and their work to potential employers, but also served as a brochure for prospective students. The dust jacket of the booklet was a wrap-around poster, which was printed in larger quantities and could be used independently to promote the programme in third level institutions around the country and beyond. The diverse nationalities of the students made for a particularly international course, which we sought to subtly highlight on the cover by placing each student’s details close to their geographic home.

The following year, with a graduate show looking increasingly unlikely, the decision was made to shift the focus online. We designed and built a new website that not only showcased graduate work, but also allowed current students to document their progress, giving them full control over the curation of their new online space.