Creative Futures Academy (2021)

The Creative Futures Academy (CFA) is a collaboration between The National College of Art & Design (NCAD); University College Dublin (UCD) and the Institute of Art, Design & Technology, (IADT). Collectively they represent the most comprehensive cultural and creative education offering in Ireland.

We worked with the partner institutes to develop the brand and website. Through a series of workshops, we established a foundation of defining attributes from which to build a design system. 

The practice of learning drove the design concept and we were specifically inspired by the CFA’s new model of teaching aimed at enabling diverse learner journeys. We adapted a fingerprint motif to symbolise each learners unique experience and the mark they leave behind. The use of motion on digital platforms refer to the constant flux of each student’s journey. 

We selected Parabole for the primary typeface as its contours twist and turn, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of CFA’s programme.

Brand guidelines and associated assets were delivered through an online platform which can grow and adapt with the brand as it evolves.