Creative is Native (C=N)

2020 Selection

Designed by Conor Clarke, Eulich McGeown, Philip Farmer and Ruby Corcoran at Design Factory

Video: Eulich McGeown

Website: Philip Farmer

Digital Animation: Ruby Corcoran

Copywriter: Sean Hynes

Soundtrack for C=N video: Colin Farmer

Creative Director & Identity: Conor Clarke

Categories: Promotional / Website / Identity / Moving Image / Screen

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Digital / Art direction / Website / Identity


Creative is Native (C=N)

Approach to Website Design takes a brutalist approach to its website design. Brutalism is characterised by minimalist constructions that showcase the bare building materials and structural elements over decorative design which is reflected throughout the website. A website that embraces Brutalist Web Design is raw in its focus on content, and prioritization of the website visitor. 

By taking a brutalist approach the users' attention is directed away from the website and instead is focused on the individual projects themselves. To encourage repeat visits the work on show is randomised with each page visit. This creates a sense of tension and excitement within the user as they are encouraged to both explore the works on offer and view works that don't correspond with a traditional dating method. 

The removal of the menu system was an intentional choice to encourage exploration. As a user cannot jump through the site using menu links, they will scroll through the works and thus consume a larger amount of the content on offer. 

To further heighten the excitement felt by the user, the landing page is purposefully kept devoid of any indication of what they are to expect when clicking through. This also facilitates brand recognition as the logomark is present without any distracting elements. By making the user click the screen to continue the experience of the website, the user is forced to pause and reflect on the brand.

As the user could be overwhelmed by the choice and visuals present on the work page we decided to keep the individual project pages minimal and informative. A clear consistency between projects was important to give the user a comfortable scheme with which to navigate the site. 

Several backend optimisations were performed throughout the site to facilitate both the client and user. A complete SEO review was performed on the site to aid a user when searching the site while several iterative reviews were performed on the site for mobile viewers.