Croía Ireland


Designed by Olwyn Hanley (Freelance)

Categories: Identity

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Logo / Storytelling / Visual Communications / Branding / Identity / Brand Identity / Logo Design

Croía Ireland set about offering a platform to local businesses throughout the country to sell online without the costly and time consuming task of having to build their own websites. The idea was to support businesses who were suffering due to the closure of brick and mortar stores as an effect of the Covid-19 pandemic. It was built to offer hope to the entrepreneurs throughout the country. One of the major goals of the brand development was to communicate that it is a community that is welcoming, supportive and professional for both customers and suppliers. 

Ireland has a wealth of high quality natural materials and a long heritage of extremely talented creative minds who are passionate about what they do. They consistently put their all into their craft and business so it was important to convey this within the branding.

The most resounding message we wanted to send with Croía was one of optimism and pride, therefore choosing green as the primary colour. It was important to the client to keep the theme of national identity throughout the brand therefore noting a subliminal hint to the Irish tricolour. The complimentary colours were then drawn from the nation’s raw materials and rugged landscapes before being reworked in a more contemporary manner.

It was important that the brand echoed the sense of quality, professionalism and creativity of the suppliers and businesses, therefore using an authentic and playful serif while also conveying an element of our national heritage through a decorative celtic inspired typeface.