Culture Ireland Programmes

Designed by Scott Burnett and Seán Mongey at Aad

In 2010, after several years in existence, we won the pitch to help Culture Ireland clarify their position and identity both in Ireland and abroad. While some mainly functional amends were made to their logo, the key element of delivering their requirements was the design of a system for their promotional programmes.

Their previous approach had been to put their own brand front and centre, and use each new programme as an opportunity to try something different. Our approach was to reframe the role of Culture Ireland as an advocate and to put the art and artists centre stage.

Choosing a format slightly bigger than A5 meant images were impactful while the programmes were still compact. A short cover on coloured, textured stock acts as a professional introduction to the full bleed images beneath. The location of each showcase highlights the organisations remit while the artists names underscore their importance. The short cover was also conceived to also work as a flyer in certain circumstances, with extras being printed and distributed to maximise efficiency.

Overall the intention was to deliver the consistency and impact of a corporate identity in a way befitting a cultural organisation.