2021 Selection

Designed by Brian Heffernan at Aad

Curator: Niamh Baker (NMNI)

Interactive Design & Development: Noho

Exhibition Design: Roji

Photography: Steven McNamara, Roji

Copywriting: Michael O'Neill

Categories: Identity / Exhibition

Industry: Cultural

Tags: System / Visual Communications / Identity / Gallery

CultureLab is an exciting exhibition exploring stereotypes by posing tongue-in-cheek questions around the issues of culture and identity at the Ulster Museum. The exhibition took playfully provocative jabs at both sides along the traditional divide, so it was important that the identity looked culturally neutral.

We leaned into the experimental lab aspect of the exhibition with a clinical look and used clean but finely detailed typography. A palette of pale greys and subtle contrasts worked with fluorescent yellow as an accent colour, which in terms of the colour wheel sits right between orange and green – you can’t get more neutral than that.