DAA Financials & Annual Report, 2016


Designed by Oran Day at Atelier David Smith

Peter Rowan: Portait Photography

MM Art Book Print and Repro: Print and Pre-Press

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Industry: Corporate

Tags: Typography / Photography / Annual report

The 2016 DAA Annual report focuses on the growing international network of DAA related activities. Few realise that the global reach of their business extends far beyond Ireland. DAA businesses are based in Canada; Barbados; Germany; Cyprus; Saudi Arabia; Oman; Lebanon; Qatar; India and as far afield as New Zealand. This years report celebrates the individual staff of their global and multi-cultural workforce. Over 120, candid portraits were shot by Photographer Peter Rowan over a 3 month period to illustrate their diversity of staff and activities. This "parade of people and cultures" runs continuosly through the reports pages.

The interior is printed in 5 colours on a mix of coated and uncoated stocks. An 8pp Wibalin cover is heavily foil-stamped with a reflective Alu-Foil.