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Designed by Paul Smith at Studio Work Work

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Industry: Cultural

Website: daireoshea.com

Daire O’Shea is a writer and sculptor based in Dublin, Ireland. He received his bachelor’s degree from Limerick School of Art and Design in 2016 and his MA from University College Cork in 2017.

Daire’s work revolves around an ongoing and constantly evolving research interest in the field of Object Oriented Ontology as it relates to the sculptural object and a fascination with the everyday experience of living in the digital age.

The website interaction acts in a way to mirror how a viewer experience's Daire's work. The viewer is often presented with text before or alongside viewing the sculptures, the titles play a significant part in both the concept and the visual experience in a lot of Daire's work. The website reflects this by allowing the user to interact with the title text of the pieces before seeing the imagery.

In addition, the user can interact with these text blocks, skewing and morphing them with the mouse, to reflect the ever changing perspectives of Daire's sculptures, depending on the individual viewers position and how they choose to interact with the objects.