Darklight Reboot

Designed by Scott Burnett, Kevin Horan and Rory Bradley at Aad

Categories: Moving Image

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Festival

Website: darklight.ie

After a hiatus in 2013, 2014 saw the festival come back with renewed energy and focus, seeking to build on it’s core audience and capture the imagination of a new, younger audience. This informed this years theme – ReBoot.

After researching and brainstorming, we developed an approach that we felt best delivered on the festivals needs. Given the dynamic nature of its content and mediums of engagement, we delivered a direction that was in motion — a system that would brand the festival in various situations rather than be a single image. An approach that would work as gifs, trailers, bumpers. A solution that had impact — bold, recognisable and unique, in keeping with the tone and content of the festival.