DCU Course Pages


Designed by Scott Burnett, Kevin Horan, Rory Bradley and Brian Heffernan at Aad

Front end development: Kevin Horan

Categories: Editorial

Industry: Civic

Tags: Digital / System

Website: dcu.ie/courses/index.shtml

Over a two year period we worked with a wide range of stakeholders across DCU to rethink their course documentation. Undertaking workshops we highlighted several challenges - a large disconnect between how different faculties produced course literature, in terms of design, production, structure and content. The effect of this was that the university would seem fractured when the literature was presented together rather than confident and impactful.

It also became clear that while most faculties would like these printed leaflets to be small and concise with wider information available online, there was a barrier to this happening due to the quality of the course pages online. These were outmoded and undesigned, with no mobile version and a density of information difficult to navigate on any device.

We developed a standardised set of templates across print and web, undergraduate and postgraduate that allows print to be concise and highlight the unique aspects of the course and the online experience to offer more depth, insight and engagement through video and media. DCU’s broad colour palette is utilised to create impact and show diversity, with each faculty owning certain colours while the whole University covers a spectrum of subjects.