DCU Data Science


Designed by Scott Burnett and Rory Bradley at Aad

Animation: Rory Bradley

Illustration: Sarah Moloney

Sound Design: George Brennan

web design: Redbloc

Voice Over: Adrienne O‘Hora

Categories: Moving Image

Industry: Civic

Tags: Digital / Campaign / Science / Film

Data Science is an emerging area of importance that spans many if not all industries. DCU worked with industry leaders to develop a course that will help deliver graduates that are industry ready for a fast growing area. Their challenge was to convey the huge opportunity to potential students in an area that is largely unknown. It had to appeal to students with over 500 points that were good with numbers, interested in computers that like to work creatively.

We developed an animated film, website and digital campaign. The film outlines the benefits of the course as well as what data science is and the role it plays in the world. The course is about finding patterns in large amount of data with the purpose of finding the opportunities and growth potential for business and society. We played on these ideas of number, pattern-finding and exponential growth to carry and deliver the messages in a way that would appeal to their very focused audience.