Design Academy Eindhoven Identity (2010)

2010 Selection

Designed by Garech Stone and Declan Stone at The Stone Twins

Print and Production: Lecturis

Promo Clips: ‘Man and Communication’ Dept.

Categories: Identity

Industry: Civic

The visual identity for Design Academy Eindhoven, one of the world’s foremost design schools. Staff and students are encouraged to customise the logo (a bold graphic E for Eindhoven) in order to convey the academy’s inclusive, progressive and dynamic nature.

By handwriting the words ‘Design Academy Eindhoven’ within the three blank bars, there are infinite permutations of the logo. Users are also encouraged to employ different three-word phrases depending on context, for example: Kiss the Future, Dare to Dream or Nothing is True.

For the official launch of the visual identity, The Stone Twins collaborated with some of the academy’s students to create a series of quirky videos. The spirit of the clips is intended to loosen the rather institutional and exclusive image of DAE.