Design & Crafts Council Ireland: Made Local

We were tasked with creating the campaign identity and assets for Design & Crafts Council Ireland. The campaign was created in response to consumer research carried out on behalf of DCCI in June. The survey of 2,001 people, by Amarach Research, found that 52 percent had bought an Irish craft item in the 12 months prior. Ninety per cent said they felt an affinity to Irish craft and design.

Local businesses have suffered tremendously due to the pandemic, never before has it been as important as it is now to shop local and support our local economy. This incredibly timeous campaign by DCCI needed to drive home this message and encourage people to shop local design and crafts in Ireland as well as be accessible and allow local makers to own it and be part of it.

The Made Local campaign is guided by the idea that the opportunity exists for shoppers in Ireland to own and champion Ireland’s creative economy and support local businesses. The logo, featuring a bold navy thumbprint logo on DCCI’s blue background with the words “MADE LOCAL” have made a huge impact through swing tags, posters, POS, stickers, videos and other social media assets. There has been a “wave of blue” as this campaign launched and the wave is still moving. We produced the full Made Local campaign idea, planning and execution, design and communications creative, media planning, audio scripts, and videography direction.