Design Factory 3D Branding


Designed by Conor Clarke and Eulich McGeown at Design Factory

Categories: Identity

Design Factory has a pre-existing brand and identity which is both strong and flexible. In order to test this, it was decided to explore what would happen to the logo if it were transposed into three dimensions and investigate the possible resulting permutations. The logo mark shape was extruded into 3d space and a range of simulated man made materials was applied to the resulting object in order to ground the virtual object in reality. Once a range of positions and materials were decided upon, reality was further brought to the object through the use of a three point lighting system and a virtual 35mm camera. The resulting images was used across a range of printed materials for promotion purposes with existing and potential new clients. The goal of the printed materials was to show the range and flexibility of the identity we created for ourselves while also highlighting the print and digital techniques available within the studio. This was supplemented with the creation of a looped animation, optimised for social media purposes.