Design Island (2015)

2015 Selection

Designed by David Smith and Lara Hanlon at Atelier David Smith and IBM Studios Dublin

Front-end Developer: Simon Finney

Front-end Developer: William McMorrow

Front-end Developer: Sergio Carmena Fraille

Front-end Developer: Leigh Martindale

Project Manager: Fred Raguillat

API Engineer: Damien Gahan (WorkGroup)

Categories: Website

Industry: Cultural

Design Island is an app that helps you navigate and discover myriad design delights across Ireland.

Increasing awareness, engagement, understanding and developing new audiences were all central to the broad remit of Irish Design 2015 and were also the central to this project: to create an engaging experience for both tourists and established audiences: and to increase awareness of Ireland’s rich collection of design and lifestyle offerings to locals and tourists alike.

In celebration of the year of Irish Design (ID2015), this project was a collaborative effort between IBM Studios Dublin and Atelier David Smith. The app engages and informs a broad audience of Ireland’s diverse range of design treasures; from boutique restaurants to historical sites, contemporary chic hotels, events, exhibitions and more. To further embrace the collaborative aspect of Design Island the editorial and content strategy for the app was curated by a diverse group of Irish creatives. Each were invited to curate and submit their most loved locations throughout Ireland. These personal recommendations create a uniquely intimate experience when exploring Design Island.

Design Island not only showcases the Visual Identity of ID2015 but also integrates various skills and expertise of the collaborators from design thinking, branding, editorial direction, UI/UX design, and product development.