Design Partners Identity Programme (2012)

2012 Selection

Designed by Brian Nolan, Paul McBride and Patrick Mullen at Detail. Design Studio

Photography: Matthew Thompson

Categories: Identity / Website


After a period of strategic development Design Partners — an international multi-disciplinary product design consultancy commissioned to us design and implement a new identity programme across all their customer touchpoints.

We developed a simple geometric mark / monogram. It is applied consistently across a complete range of communications. A key part of the design strategy was to provide a flexible 'framework' to present design partners award winning work. This work is now introduced in context, products have a story, how end users experience them is as relevant and visible as the design process. By creating images of products in use the design partners story now has a final and important chapter.

The programme included:

— Mark & logotype

— Identity framework

— Stationery & customer facing documents

— Website & social media

— Presentation tools — physical and digital

— Brand guidelines