District Magazine

2017 Selection

Designed by Johnny Brennan

Categories: Editorial / Print

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Photography

District is a digital and physical magazine that focuses on the internal and external creative influences on Ireland that make it culturally significant.

It was born as an digital magazine three years ago with the intention to showcase the best in alternative culture from Irish shores and abroad. In 2016 we published Issue 001, delving into different concepts of ‘home’ within the realm of underground culture in Ireland. Issue 002: Future Voices followed several months later and the most recent issue is Issue 003: Passion, Sex & Love.

As each issue is based on a different theme it was important for this to be reflected in the design. Every issue is printed full colour on uncoated stock with each issue given its own unique 'theme' colour, giving a subtle but necessary distinction between issues.

The intention of the design was to pay homage to the original website whilst giving the physical magazine it's own unique identity.