DIT Graduate Exhibition 2018


Designed by Declan Behan, Philip Towell, Ailbhe Diskin, Christine Akinrinde and Eoghan Shanley

Website development: Neil Creagh

Photography: Joshua Mulholland

Tutor/Production advisor: Louise Reddy

Tutor: Clare Bell

Tutor: Brenda Dermody

Tutor: Peter Maybury

Tutor: Leon Butler

Tutor: Brenda Duggan

Exhibition coordinator : Peter MacCann

Tutor/Therapy/Being sound: Anthony Collins

Product photography: Gillian Buckley

Categories: Promotional / Exhibition / Identity / Print / Publication / Website / Wayfinding / Editorial / Environmental

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Digital

Website: ditgradex.com

Each year Dublin School of Creative Arts holds its Graduate Exhibition to show off the talent that the college has produced across its creative courses. The show is used as a way for the public to get a glimpse at the work produced by its graduating students.

The visual identity for the 2018 exhibition used a system of overlapping rectangles and materials to capture the variety and character of the different courses in DIT that come together to create the graduate exhibition.

The website was a major part of this years exhibition. The entire catalogue of graduate students work was moved online enabling it to have a broader reach, a longer life span and be showcased better than the previous printed catalogue.

A new publication was created to give an insight and behind the scenes look at the courses involved in the exhibition. It contains an article from each course that highlights an important moment or aspect of the course from the graduating classes time at DIT.

Other touch points created included invitations, posters, social media videos, a map, signage and a wayfinding system.