Dive Without Fear identity

2022 Selection

Designed by Catherine Robertson, Brian Heffernan, Alex Connolly and Kevin Horan at Aad

Strategic Partners: wove

Video: Stills & Motion

Categories: Identity

Industry: Commercial

Website: divewithoutfear.com/

Dive Without Fear (DWF) is a new strategic company from Jump! DWF use future technologies to explore possible tomorrows and identify high-value markets. We worked with a strategy by our sister company wove.co, to create an identity that expressed the DWF ethos of science amplified with imagination.

The main challenge was to bring the offer to life and make it feel tangible and valuable without relying on case studies. We developed a smart typographic treatment with a logo and graphic symbol that acts as a viewfinder into future worlds. We delivered a low-budget image bank by unifying a wide range of stock images with a reeded effect to express an emergent clarity. The visual language allows DWF to talk about alternative futures across social channels, publications and a low-carbon site.