'Do It' Neon

2018 Selection

Designed by Kathryn Wilson and Sinéad McAleer

Photography: Killian Broderick

Categories: Environmental / Signage

Industry: Cultural

The ‘Do It’ neon began life as a print designed for the 2017 60x60 exhibition. The prints were then sold by Hens Teeth on Fade Street. As the prints were selling well, we collaborated with Hens Teeth last year to manufacture an edition of 10 neons for sale in their shop.

The neon was inspired by the mental dilemma that is sometimes felt when facing a new challenge or opportunity, there is always a worry that you might mess it up. The piece acknowledges that fear but encourages you to face it and do it anyway. 

The sign is made up of a metal backing board, with letters made from clear glass tubing, with only the ‘Do It’ lighting up.