Do Not Go Gentle


Designed by Rachel Delap (Freelance)

Categories: Identity / Editorial / Print

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Digital / Science / Art direction

Do Not Go Gentle is a sustainability consultancy that empowers creatives with the knowledge they need to be forces for good. Transitioning to a net zero world is the greatest challenge facing humankind; designers are the leaders of this change. 

Rarely does the naming of a project give such an emotional sense of the fullness of its intention - Do Not Go Gentle represents optimism, grit, and forward motion regardless of present reality.

Visually we wanted the brand to have a sense of space, to explore the interplay between classic design and high end science, and to be just a little jarring, acknowledging the uncomfortable nature of the issues facing us in our world today.

The logo is strong and editorial, with the sub-logo referencing the circular motion of a sustainable closed-loop system. The brand palette is both earthy and luminous, echoing the materials naturally found and lab-created that DNGG aims to promote. We wanted the brand to appeal directly to creatives, and to reflect the power they have to impact our world.