Donal Skehan (2016)


Designed by Colin Farmer, Noelle Cooper, Chris Fullam and Neasa Ronayne at Unthink

Categories: Identity / Print

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Interactive

An impending move to the US prompted the need for a rethink of Donal’s brand. The new typographic identity reflects his maturing personality and acknowledge social media constraints as he seeks to broaden his audience. Toning down the colour range also reinforced the change in direction and allowed his striking food photography come to the fore. A range of new and adaptive brand elements were produced to create an evolving but familiar tone across everything from printed stationery to his weekly Youtube broadcasts.

The new website facilitates the move away from his origins as a blogger, uncovering a wealth of content, which expanded to include editorial and travel content, along with over 500 recipes. As well as providing detailed ingredient searches and customisable highlight sections, the site functions as a brochure for Donal, profiling his book and TV exploits to potential media partners.