2010 Selection

Designed by Kathryn Wilson, Robert Farrelly, Mel ORourke and Fiona O'Leary at CI Studio

Creative Director: Mel O'Rourke

Photography: Tony Matthews

Donnelly is a family run fruit and vegetable supplier. Since 1979 they have been supplying supermarkets across Ireland with fresh produce to be sold under the supermarkets' own brands. In 2010 they decided to also sell their produce under their own name, with this decision came the need to create a new brand and range of packaging. Donnelly were keen to create a strong overarching brand and also two distinct ranges of packaging for their fresh produce and prepared food ranges.

The brand and packaging created references the graphic language and materials used in grocers shops at the time Donnelly was founded but with a modern twist. The stripes used throughout reference the striped awnings and striped plastic carrier bags from grocers shops of the past while the brown paper labels hark back to the brown paper bags our fruit and veg was once wrapped in.