Designed by Lucia Mullerova and Kevin King at Piquant Media

Photography: Daniel Potts

Photography: Conor Buckley

Categories: Identity

Industry: Charitable

Doras is an independent NGO working to support & promote the rights of migrants living in Ireland. Doras provides information and advice on immigration-related issues.

We worked with Doras to create a brand that showcases and celebrates the open inclusive work that Doras carries out. Promoting and protecting human rights, Doras offer ground-level support to service users, community groups, and service providers; it was important that the brand communicates their inclusive, non-judgemental approach.

‘Doras’ is an Irish word meaning door. The door represents the open door policy of the organisation. We created logotypes which incorporate the door shape into the counter of the letter ‘D’.

We established a fresh colour palette that matched the warm inclusive personality of the organisation. We created a background pattern that casts a ray of light from the door within the ‘D’.

Central to the brand are the service users that Doras work with every day. We interviewed and photographed service users. As part of the brand assets, we present the photography of the service users along with information such as name, age and occupation. This juxtaposition of text and image help the viewer to see past the immigrant status to the person in the image.