Drawn From Nature: Irish Botanical Art

2020 Selection

Designed by Seán Harte and Fiach O'Neill at M-CO

Photography: Fiach O'Neill

Categories: Identity / Exhibition

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Poster / Digital / Science / Art / Print / Brand Identity / Exhibition / Gallery

To create engagement and promote for the National Gallery of Ireland’s 2020 exhibition ‘Drawn from Nature. Irish Botanical Art’,  M.CO was asked to design a compelling visual identity.

Drawn from Nature celebrated the evolving tradition of Irish botanical art, displaying works spanning three centuries. It included captivating and skilful art which explored texture, rhythm, colour and individuality through drawings, watercolours, prints, and illustrated publications dating from the 1700s to the modern day. 

Inspired by the artwork on display, The M.CO creative team designed a visual identify which promoted the exhibition and was applied across multiple outputs including large scale print graphics, digital sign display and social media content.

The identity was approached with a clean design aesthetic, delicately balancing science with art and linking the past and present. Building on a concept born out of the scientific nature of botanical illustrations, M.CO developed a flexible identity which allowed for different botanical artworks to form the leading image across the range of digital and print visuals produced.

M.CO were also responsible for the production and installation of graphics and signage within the gallery. 

The final identity delivered a modern presentation of a traditional artform which appealed to and attracted new audiences into the gallery.